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Wiegand Splitter ► AF-WI-3W

Wiegand Splitter ► AF-WI-3W
Manufacturer's code AF-WI-3W
Status of the product: In stock
AF-WI-3W splitter is used for sending the Wiegand signal from one control access reader to two independent systems. It is designed to read both access control IDs by: - Access Control System (ACS, ACC) and Time and Attendance (T&A) System. The device supports Wiegand signals of any length (eg. 26 bits, 32 bits, 34 bits, 36 bits, 40 bits). It does not change the form of the transmitted information. The splitter has an optical isolation of signals, providing galvanic isolation of the two individual systems.


14.03.2013 12:41:02
03.03.2013 20:13:06
Wiegand signal separator/distributor is the perfect solution when one reader is connected to:- two separated access ...
13.11.2012 10:04:43
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