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Mifare Smartcard Contactless Mini Reader, 13.56 MHz, Wiegand ► AY-K25

Mifare Smartcard Contactless Mini Reader, 13.56 MHz, Wiegand ► AY-K25
Manufacturer's code AY-K25B
Status of the product: In stock

The AY-K25 is fully potted, sealed and made of a rigid, UV resistant poly-carbonate, which makes it highly suitable for outdoor use. With a maximum range of 5cm, it makes a very simple, reliable and cost effective way to upgrade your system to Smartcard standard.


Main features:

- Incorporates the ISO-14443A (Mifare®) ID Format Protocol.

- Reading range up to 50 mm (1.96″).

- Designed under Rosslare’s ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality standards.

- Multiple, programmable output formats including standard Wiegand 26-bit.

- Selectable LED control or buzzer control functions.

- Made of tough polycarbonate plastic for improved performance in all weather conditions.

- Optical back tamper detection technology.

- Bi-colored LED and LED control input.

- Internal buzzer.

- PC software and programming adapter (MD-08B) for easy configuration of the unit.

- Weather-resistant.


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