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Actrive Cotag Card / ID ► 928

Actrive Cotag Card / ID ► 928
Quantity Min 10 piece pcs.
Manufacturer's code 928
Status of the product: On request - up to 5 days lead time
Active 928 series proximity card company Bewator Cotag is contactless measuring identifier similar to a credit card. It communicates with the RFID reader using transmission at radio wavelengths. It is designed for use in systems and applications requiring contactless identification of the cardholder, such as access control, time and attendance, billing, etc. Card is compatible with all types of readers Cotag. Includes an electronic control unit and the memory size of 63 bits, in which the information is stored programming contains, among other unique object number and card number. Built-in battery provides read cards from a distance of up to 1 meter. Allows the use of switch control for hands-free access to read the card (hands free). All information is encrypted on the card to prevent forgery. Size allows you to stick the cards separately prepared with photo ID and user data.

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