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13.11.2012 10:04:43
BEST EXPO 2012 Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for visiting our stand at the First Fair DOMINTELIGENTNY.PL held in SOHO FACTORY in Warsaw on 25-27 October. The event in three days was attended by 64 exhibitors, including leading manufacturers and distributors of products and services in the field of building automation and audio-video.

Fair, aimed at a wider audience closer, advanced home automation systems, home theater world, modern installations and solutions, which are designed to save energy. The fair was accompanied by a number of conferences and lectures and three Polish premieres, only a few days after the world, including presented the world's first home theater projector SONY 4K.
On the stand APTOM and IDE are presented solution "intelligent" system. You could feel like a real home in the future. The entire automation system based on Loxon and control functions are carried out awning, shutters, lighting, audio and color change lighting fountains. All functions are available from the touch panel control (KNX) and mobile devices (iPad). Additional elements of our 'home in a nutshell' were barriers in the form of infrared light garden (Politec) and long-range reader (NEDAP).

Our stand was awarded a diploma by the organizers BEST EXPO 2012, for "Best presentation of smart home systems."

Our partners in the implementation of the stand were: STUDIO ARCO, ASMAR, CHRONOS, POLPAK and DRAGON.


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